Battlefront – Flames of War WWII – US – 105mm Field Artillery Battery (UBX60)


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Contains four plastic 105mm Howitzers, four plastic Gun Crew sprues and one Unit card.

The M2 105mm Howitzer is the US Army’s standard division-level howitzer. The divisional artillery of the 1st Infantry Division includes four artillery battalions, each with three four-gun batteries a total of 48 powerful guns

The 105mm howitzer can fire a semi-fixed 15kg (33lb) high-explosive shell to a range of 11km (7miles), raining destruction anywhere it is needed on the battlefield.

The heavy howitzers are made to fire long-range prepared bombardments. However, if enemy tanks manage to advance far enough to threaten the battery at close range, the heavy howitzers can also defend themselves, firing over open sights