Battlefront – Team Yankee – Oil War – Iraq – Dice Set


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Includes 20 Iraqi themed gaming dice.

The company of T-72 tanks advanced up the highway, their goal was the flank of the Iranian positions about three kilometres distant. Captain Mahmod Haddad had positioned his tank in the second tank in the column. As they closed to two kilometres, he signalled his tank commanders to fan out on either side of the highway. The tanks spread out line-abreast and came to a halt.

“Wait for my order to advance,” Haddad ordered over the company radio net. The captain knows the attack helicopters were not far away. The brigadier’s plan called for the anti-tank helicopter to first knockout the Iranian tanks, before Haddad’s tank moved forward to mop up the infantry and artillery.

A flight of Hind gunships zoomed over a few minutes later. Haddad checked his watch, right on time. They were followed, more cautiously, by a flight of Gazelles, keeping low and hugging the terrain. The Hinds struck first with their rocket pods, saturating the Iranian positons, before banking off to the south. The Gazelles then rose above the dust and unleased their HOT anti-tank missiles before dropping low to the ground and following the bigger helicopters south.

“Advance,” Haddad ordered his tankers. The tanks pushed through the wall of dust created by the wash of the helicopter rotors. At about 1000 metres the T-72s began to fire their 125mm guns and explosions erupted all along the Iranian position, adding to the black funnels of smoke already created by the helicopters.

Note: The Symbol on each die represents the 6.