Battlefront – Team Yankee – Oil War – Israel – Pereh Anti-Tank Platoon


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Contains three resin and metal Pereh Anti-tank Vehicles, and one unit card

Initially identified as a Magach 5 (M48 Patton) variant by the observers from outside the IDF, the Pereh had many military experts baffled. The Pereh was in fact an anti-tank guided missile carrier based on the Magach 5 tank. Fitted with a dummy gun tube to keep its silhouette similar to a tank, it featured an enlarged turret containing twelve Tamuz NLOS (non-line of sight) missiles in a pop-up missile launcher at the rear disguised as a turret bustle.

Its Tamuz missile system was capable of being used in both ‘fire and forget’ or ‘man-in-theloop’ modes, where the gunner guided the missile home via a video link through a camera in the missile.