Bot War Miniature Game – Deceivers – The Gaolers: Rambot, Fear & Turbo


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This set comes with enough parts to make Turbo, Rambot and Fear.

Since the fall, the Deceivers have always favoured the skies. Before these entities received bodies they were confined to the air. Now their physical bodies resemble demons of human Earth legends. Horns, wings and talons, the more each Deceiver is destroyed the more its resurrected body reveals its true nature.

A special place among Deceiver ranks is reserved for the Gaolors. More cruel than your average Deceiver if that were possible the Gaolors specialise in inflicting pain.

This is a Resin multipart kit.

This set comes with 3 x 50mm round black plastic bases

Assembly required. Superglue required. Models supplied unpainted.