Crooked Dice – 7TV – Colony 87 – Freelancers – Metal Miniatures


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Among Colony 87’s teeming, transient population are the freelancers, operatives willing to work around, or outside, Authority law…for a price.

Bounty hunters like ‘Paladin’ Alquizano and his gillie, Sanchos, are common, though few display the moral compass directing this unlikely pair.

Akinyi Adondi, the straight-talking void skimmer turned springer pilot offers the best alternative to travel by long-tailed caravan, especially for anyone quietly curious about Mist Ship fragments.

And Gan Havelock, a scholar of antiquity with a beady eye for profit, advertises the possibility of hidden riches out in the Dog Wastes for anyone brave enough to face the packtribes.

This set contains four 28mm sci-fi civilians miniatures cast in white metal.

The dwarf comes with two alternate arms.

Sculpted by Iain Colwell and painted for display by Simon Bradley.

Supplied unpainted and with a 25mm slotta base.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.