Crooked Dice – 7TV – Colony 87 – Maintenance Crew – Metal Miniatures


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Colony 87 is a staging post, a marketplace, a place to hide – and somewhere to get a ship spiked, jinked, refitted or retrostacked with no questions asked.

As such, it boasts some of the finest – and most discrete – maintenance crew on the rim.

Foremost among them are Midge Tully, scanman extraordinaire; Su Sanniang, the most dependable straker this side of the Livid Nebula; and Gunther Hart, a translight systems aligner who learned his craft on the tough heavy metal worlds of Riff and Mosher.

This set contains three 28mm sci-fi civilians miniatures cast in white metal.

Sculpted by Andrew May and painted for display by Mystic Spirals.

Supplied unpainted and with a 25mm slotta base.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.