Crooked Dice – 7TV – Colony 87 – Sci-Fi Loot & Objective Tokens


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Hide these handy loot tokens across your sci-fi battlegrounds. This set of SEVEN scenic loot or objective markers includes:

Loot Container – Store your valuables in this portable container, protected with it’s own zen field.

Hab-Bot – While you busy yourself around the colony, this reliable servo-robot will ensure your domicile is free from dirt and vermin!

Chirroc Nest – Kenlenken eggs are prized amongst Outriders, allowing them to rear chics from hatching to train as their hardy mounts.

Tool Set – The harsh conditions of Cerberus can play havoc with machinery – so never be without a servo-wrench or sonic spanner.

House Marker – These stone way markers once dictated the founding families territorial boundaries, but as their influence has waned, few understand their significance.

Scrap Haul – Salvagers can make good money from picking at the bones of abondoned settlements or crashed hulks.

Survey Drone – Prospecting in the outlands is a dangerous business. Protect yourself from Sandmaws and sinkholes by making a recce with this useful drone. Supplied with flying base.

Sculpted by Andrew May. Cast in white metal.

Painted for display by Mystic Spirals.

Supplied unpainted.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.