Crooked Dice – 7TV – Fantasy Starter Box Game


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7TV: FANTASY is a tabletop skirmish wargame inspired by the myriad of cinematic fantasy worlds and the books and games that inspired them.

Battle over the tabletop pitting sword and magic against dark lords, endless hordes and villainous sorcery!

This boxed set includes:

Director’s Guide – 44 page rulebook covering all the basic skirmish rules

Producer’s Guide – 32 page rulebook sets out how to play ratings-winning games

Casting Guide – 44 page rulebook helps you select the right members for your cast

Encounter Guide – This 36 page guide provides 24 different fantasy locations and hazards to add to your games

230 profile cards of heroes, villains and monsters

Six spellbooks called Grimoires

45 trilogy cards

20 artifact cards

20 maguffin cards

20 plot point counters

52 colour MDF tokens for marking statuses and objectives

Five colour MDF templates: Barrier, Beam, Blast 3”, Blast 5” and Teardrop

9 six-sided dice – six black and three purple

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.