Crooked Dice – 7TV – Horror – Vlad’s Army Feature Pack


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In this weird war pack, gentle sit-coms and classic horror movies collide in the best traditions of 7TV!

Players can control a cast of Home Guard as they seek to protect Walsingham-on-Sea from invasion, or a cast of Nazi vampires bent on bloodshed and conquest!

The pack provides new rules and bespoke chapters and characters based on this vampiric tale.

Designed to be used alongside 7TV: Inch High Spy Fi, this new material expands on the rules and profiles presented in that box set.

Included are:

48 page episode guide with three new chapters charting the vampire invasion
15 new profile cards covering Home Guard and vampire casts
45 accessory cards – including new gadgets, countdown cards and maguffins
32 MDF full colour tokens for new statuses and objectives

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.