Crooked Dice – 7TV – Cinematic Skirmish Game – Pulp – Luna City Objective Tokens


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Hide these handy loot tokens across your pulp battlegrounds. This set of SEVEN scenic loot or objective markers includes:

Venusian Rose – This fiery flower only blooms in the Venusian deserts – it is beautiful but deadly!

Lion’s Claw – This legendary blade can rally the Lion Men of Luna City.

Lava Beast Skull -Buried in the Venusian sands are the remains of this feared predator.

Lion Statue – Adorning the leafy walkways of Luna City are these ancient carvings.

Wrecked Robot – These mechancial men are legion… but are not without their weaknesses.

Horn of Saturn – From the treasure haul of the proud Pirate King Iago, this is the prize for those who survive his gladiatorial arena.

Energy Pylon – No laboratory is complete without the crackling enegy of this device.

Sculpted by Andrew May and Ari Nielsson. Cast in white metal. Painted for display by Mystic Spirals. Supplied unpainted.