FFG – Star Wars Armada – Galactic Empire – Interdictor Expansion


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The Interdictor cruiser was designed a major part of the Empire’s response to the elusive Rebel threat. Its gravity-well projectors are capable of wrenching enemy ships out from hyperspace, and its deployment along one of the galaxy’s hyperspace lanes can spell doom for unsuspecting Rebel captains.

The Interdictor Expansion Pack introduces the Interdictor miniature as a medium-base Imperial ship, as well as two ship cards, and fourteen upgrades, including the new Experimental Retrofit upgrades, gravity well projectors and grav shift reroutes.

Within this expansion, you’ll find the following upgrade cards:
Admiral Konstantine
Admiral Titus
Commandant Aresko
Flight Commander
Fighter Coordination Team
Engineering Team
Quad Laser Turrets
Leading Shots
MS-1 Ion Cannons
G7-X Grav Well Projector
G-8 Experimental Projector
Grav Shift Reroute
Targeting Scrambler