Flames of War – German – Fallschirmjager Assault Platoon (GE782)

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Includes one Unit Leader StG44 Assault Rifle Team, six StG44 Assault Rifle Teams and two Panzerschreck Anti-tank Teams.

The StG44 assault rifle (Sturmgewehr 44, Assault Rifle 44) is an amazingly innovative weapon that gave birth to a whole generation of modern infantry assault rifles used around the world today.

It combined the ease of use of a carbine with the firepower of a submachine-gun.

The user could select one of two firing modes: semi-automatic, where one squeeze of the trigger gave the grenadier one shot, or fully-automatic, where the weapon fired as long as the grenadier held down the trigger or the weapon ran out of ammunition.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.