Gale Force Nine – Battlefield In A Box – 15mm Sandbags Dug-in Markers (BB108)


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8 tabletop-ready Dug-In Markers, suitable for use with any army on the Eastern or Western Front. Markers are provided prepainted. Miniatures, scenery, glue and paint not included.

These markers are ideal for showing which of your teams are dug-in. Also during assaults when your troops may leave their foxholes to finish off the enemy you can leave the markers in place for your troops to return to.

In Flames Of War

Though it is a miserable experience to dig a foxhole one minute and leave it the next, sometimes it has to happen. Unfortunately, even if you return to the same location later, the tactical situation is likely to have changed and you will have to dig new positions.

If a team leaves its Foxhole, the Foxhole disappears immediately.

The only exception to this is that a team may leave and then re-occupy a Foxhole while defending against an assault. If a dug in platoon is assaulted, leave markers indicating the Foxholes occupied by your troops when they vacate them. Any team from that platoon that ends the Assault Step back in one of the platoon’s Foxholes remains dug in. If a team cannot reach an unoccupied Foxhole at the end of the Assault Step, it is no longer dug in. Remove any unoccupied Foxholes at the end of the Assault Step.

It is not necessary for teams to return to the specific foxholes they began in, however—only for the platoon to return to the foxholes they collectively dug.