Gale Force Nine – Battlefield In A Box – Team Yankee – Modern: Factory Building – Additional Floor

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This is an additional floor for BB192: Factory Building

The Factory Building is large enough to accommodate Six infantry teams (on medium bases).

Scenery plays a vital part in any miniature wargame whether you are playing Historical, Science Fiction or Fantasy battles. The Battlefield in a Box range of tabletop-ready scenery is a quick and easy way to create a wargaming table straight out of the box, suitable for any scale miniature troops to fight over.

Buildings are a great way to break up the battlefield, adding variety to the miniature landscape. They are impassable to tanks, but infantry can enter them and fight through openings like doors and windows. You cannot see past a building, although teams half-hidden by or in a building are concealed, and troops inside get bulletproof cover.

Please note, These Colour Schemes are different to those shown in the photos.

This terrain is perfect for any 15mm Game, and are ready for play straight out of the box!


One Additional Floor for BB192: Factory Building (BB192-A: Additional Factory Floor)