Games Workshop – Citadel Colour – Layer Paint Set

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Layer paints have a lower pigment count than Base paints, meaning they can be applied in multiple layers to help bring out extra detail and brightness on your miniatures. They’re especially great for blending colours and edge highlighting.

This set gathers 15 of the most frequently used Layer colours together in one convenient selection. You’ll find metallic paints and primary colours, as well as paints for browns, bone, skin tones, grey, and white – all carefully selected to cover the most common colours. Most of these colours are also lighter in colour than Base paints, making them ideal for adding layers of highlights on smooth surfaces, as well as sharp edge highlights to ensure the details stand out. Plus, you’ll save money over buying each pot individually.

Combine this set with the Base, Contrast, and Shade paint sets – each sold separately – for an excellent start to your Citadel Colour selection.