Games Workshop – Warhammer 40K – Orks – Kill Rig/Hunta Rig

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Few sounds are as terrifying as the cacophony of hollering, clattering, and stomping that heralds the arrival of an Ork Kill Rig. Packed with savage Orks and pulled by a colossal tramplasquig, these ramshackle constructions are mobile death platforms, outfitted with all manner of weapons. From atop the wurrtower at the back of the rig, a Wurrboy can survey the battlefield, firing out powerful bolts of psychic energy at Ork and enemy alike. Alongside this psychic amplifier, the Kill Rig also carries a crew, including a driver, gunners, and Butcha Boyz, and is outfitted with a ‘eavy lobba and stikka kannon for maximum destruction.

This rickety war platform is the perfect centrepiece for any Ork Waaagh! thanks to the many powerful melee and ranged weapons it lets you bring to bear. It also makes an ideal transport for units of Beast Snagga Boyz and an excellent mobile command post for a Wurrboy.

This multipart plastic kit is comprised of 111 pieces, allowing you to build one Kill Rig. The multiple emplacements on the rig can be mounted in a number of different places. This kit also comes with a 170mm Citadel Oval base. Alternatively, this kit can be built as a Hunta Rig with a separate Wurrboy.

When the Beast Snagga Orks go to war, their hordes rarely arrive without the support of at least a few Hunta Rigs. These amalgamations of scrap are covered with brutish weapons such as a stikka kannon and an ’eavy lobba. They are dragged into battle by a gigantic tramplasquig, while whole mobs of Beast Snagga Boyz hang on for dear life, hollering and chanting as their thunderous steed pulls them into the midst of battle.

This combination of transport and weapons platform is the perfect addition to an Ork Waaagh! Able to carry a mob of Beast Snagga Boyz and equipped with an ’eavy lobba, stikka kannon, and saw blades, the Hunta Rig is a powerful war machine even before consider its troop capacity.

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted.