Dungeons & Dragons – Creature & NPC Cards


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Dungeons & Dragons – Creature & NPC Cards

No Dungeon Master in the world has all the creatures and NPCs memorised by heart. Sure, you might have books like the Monster Manual or Volo’s Guide To Monsters close to hand. But the last thing you want is to have to leaf through them to find the right page. You run the risk of losing the heat of the moment while you’re flicking behind the DM screen…

There’s no shame in sometimes forgetting a the details of a creature or NPC’s stats. Wouldn’t it be great though, if you had all those details close to hand? What you need is a Creature and NPC deck of cards. And that’s where the Dungeons & Dragons Creatures And NPC Cards come into the scene!

These cards have details of kinds of humanoids (such as Bandits, crazed Cultists, Archmages, Guards, and many more). There’s also details of weird and wonderful creatures (these definitely aren’t humanoid!). All the required information sits on the card. Their ability stats and modifiers. Their Armour Class, languages, and traits. And, of course, their attack(s) and spells for combat…

The Creature and NPC Cards are a set of 182 durable, laminated cards. They’re super-handy, at-a-glance, printed versions of the details in the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide To Monsters.

A wonderful touch to these cards is that they’re double-sided. On one side are the details to read. On the reverse is artwork of the creature or humanoid themselves.