KR Cases – Aluminium Figure Case AL2-S Standard Foam To Choose From

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KR Backpacks are manufactured from durable waterproof polyester and fully lined.  

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The Double size aluminium case carries 8 full size trays.

It is fully lined, has snap closing lockable catches, a carry handle, a fully adjustable shoulder strap, and self adhesive label holder.

The interior is fully lined with a soft touch lining, so if you decide to carry anything loose then it is well cared for too.

The case can be labelled as the exterior is smooth aluminium, so you can easily stick army descriptions, or pictures to them.

The half width aluminium case has an innovative twin opening lid design which means that access to your miniatures is simple and easy.

Foam choices for the KRM can be;

3x F3S Trays, 108 compartments 32mm deep, each 52mm x 32mm
3x M4S Trays, 200 compartments 23mm deep, each 40mm x 25mm
3x N3S Trays, 120 compartments 32mm deep, each 50mm x 25mm

Please state in your order which trays you require.