KR Cases – KRM Card Case Containing 1x SM69, 1x NE6P6 & 1x TY29 Foam Trays

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KR Backpacks are manufactured from durable waterproof polyester and fully lined.


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The standard size card KR Multicase forms the basis of a unique and versatile transport system for your army.

The interchangeable system means that when used in combination with the other 4 sizes of card cases plus the large range of transport bags and cases from KR, your collection is kept safe.

The KR card cases are made from solid KLC heavy duty dense card, the same as is used for commercial archiving of documents.

It is not made from cheaper and inferior corrugated card as this just is not up to the job.

This choice of material ensures it is very durable and incredibly protective of your miniatures.

The unique design of the KR case provides you with a wrap around lid for all round protection, and the injection moulded plastic handle forms the snaplock for the KR Multicase to provide a securely closed case the instant it is closed.

This KRM case contains 1x SM65, 1x SM58 & 1x SM48 Foam trays.

The TY29 tray is a 1/2 case width and full depth

The NE6P6 tray is a 1/2 case width and 1/2 depth

The SM69 tray is a 1/2 case width and 1/2 depth

There are 3 total compartments in the TY29 tray,

There are 6 total compartments in the NE6P6 tray,

There are 10 Compartments total in the SM69 tray.

The SM69 Is Ideal for Space Marine bikes with new bases

The TY29 is ideal for 1 Screamer killer, 1 Psycophage, and 1 winged tyranid prime or neurotyrant

The NE6P6 is ideal for C’tan Nightbringers/Deceivers