Mantic – Dungeon Saga – The Tyrant of Halpi Expansion


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This quest pack introduces an all-new storyline, challenging adventures and exciting new components to add to your Dungeon Saga collection.

In the Tyrant of Halpi, join the quest to slay the mighty Dragon known as Karrathor and retrieve an ancient Eleven crown from his very jaws. A descendant of the Father of Dragons, this wild Drake broke free of humiliating servitude in a fit of rage, biting his Elf-Lord master clean in two and feeling to isolation in the mountains where he now resides. Dare you enter his domain?

Lead Four New Heroes! Ibrahim the Basilean Paladin joins Ally McSween the Halfling Thief, accompanied by the wizard Brellin Duross and dwarf fighter Tharn Grimmson.

Infiltrate the Dragon’s Keep! A race against time to recover the God-Splinter from the Dragon’s maw, or fall under it’s strange spell.
A Battle to the death! Your heroes will be hard pressed – either fighting those enthralled to the power of teh crown, or the mighty

Karrathor himself.

Face the Tyrant of Halpi! A descendant of the Father of all Dragons, Karrathor turned on his elven masters. He has grown immeasurably in strength and power since.

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest set required to play (Adventurer’s Companion also required for Invisible Overlord and Uncharted Dungeon play modes).

This Expansion includes:
1 Plastic Dragon – Karrathor the Unbroken
2 Pre-assemebled Plastic Heroes – Ibrahim the Paladin and Ally the Halfling.
Character sheets and Overlord Panel.
Items, Spells, Invisible Overlord and Overlord Cards
Thick card Dungeon tiles and counters