Mantic – Firefight – Enforcer – Damantor Sniper Platform

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Pre-planning and intel are useful, but when laser bolts scorch the air, smoke obscures all vision, and the cries of enemy and friend alike mingle – it is command on the ground that counts. Command dice represent the general’s ability to control their troops in the massed battles of Warpath.

This set contains eight bespoke 8-sided Command Dice for use in games of Warpath or Firefight.

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The Polaris Railgun has been developed for a general anti-armour role on the battlefield, and is an evolution of the Strider-mounted Polaris Cannon. Despite the absence of explosive propellant the immense pressure, stress, and heat generated by this new system required a new kind of weapons platform.

The Damantor hovers forward on a series of grav-generators. Controlled by an internal computer, additional front and rear-angled generators trigger automatically to compensate for the recoil of each firing solution, accounting for force, range, and even local gravity. Like a well-trained sniper, the platform perfectly returns to the same point of aim after every round fired, awaiting the operator’s next command.

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1x Resin Damantor Sniper Platform

1x MDF 60mm Round Base

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.