Mantic – Firefight – Enforcer – Drones

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Pre-planning and intel are useful, but when laser bolts scorch the air, smoke obscures all vision, and the cries of enemy and friend alike mingle – it is command on the ground that counts. Command dice represent the general’s ability to control their troops in the massed battles of Warpath. This set contains eight bespoke…

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Widely deployed by the Pathfinder Corps, Enforcer drones are an effective ‘force multiplier’ during the opening phases of any major operation.

Far smaller than their larger cousin, the mighty C3M4, these smaller drones are used in a variety of battlefield roles. These compact and versatile platforms are used for varied tasks such as mine deployment, communications, and even to lay down small-arms fire should the situation demand it.

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2x Resin Enforcer Drones

2x Hard Plastic Transparent Flying Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.