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As with many races, the fishmen’s influence on the world since has ebbed and flowed.

They are fiercely territorial and have clashed and sided with many land-dwelling peoples, especially when their watery domain is encroached upon by the vile, filthy cities that are built on coasts and rivers.

Their relative isolation and remoteness has given them a certain aloofness to the general woes and conflicts of the other races, but when their anger is roused, few can stand in the way of the hordes that pour forth from the ocean waters.

They still feel the call in their hearts to protect the Mother world from the darkness from which they were rescued and this more than anything is what drives them to arms and to venture onto the land.


20 x Hard Plastic Riverguard

20 x Hard Plastic Naiads

1 x Resin Siren

1 x Resin Dambuster Pondwarden Sentinel

MDF Bases

Start Collecting Trident Realm Booklet

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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