Mantic Games – Kings of War – Undead – Zombie Troll Regiment


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The peculiar physiology of Trolls makes them incredibly difficult to kill, their flesh re-knitting any wound and their thick, glutinous blood almost reluctant to leave their bodies. Resurrecting them as zombies has the unusual side effect of improving their general level of intelligence, though why this should be so is a matter of some debate. Some scholars suggest that the regenerative abilities of Troll-kind are somehow inhibitive of higher brain function, while others posit that it is simply impossible to make a Troll any stupider merely by virtue of it being dead. Whatever the truth, Zombie trolls are a deadly, if slow opponent to face.

This set contains 3 multi-part metal Troll miniatures, including:
Decaying Bodies
Alternate Heads
Alternate Arms
Poseable Joints
40 mm Bases
1 Mantic Point

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.