Parable Games – Shiver RPG – Gothic – Spireholm – Disciples Of Dregstone – Expansion Book


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Shiver RPG – Winner of the UK Games Expo Peoples Choice Award 2022
Shiver Gothic – Ennies 2023 Nominee – Best Setting

A gorgeously dark Gothic expansion for the Award Winning SHIVER RPG.

Inspire your players by expanding your gothic story world with Dregstone. Great for adding to a main story or even as a side plot for you todrop in and out of as players adopt the role of explorative street urchins, disgruntled shopkeepers, or concerned citizens in the city’s underbelly.

Whilst the citizens of the Gothic city of Spireholm go about their daily business on the surface, just beneath the streets lies not only sewers and cellars but the entire hidden city of Dregstone. Dregstone is where all that is unwanted in Spireholm ends up. From the piles of everything from rubbish to rats, a civilisation of the outcast has emerged.

Find your way from the surface world into the grim darkness of the Dregs. Explore the world of the Scorians. Rats forever changed by alchemical mutations. Befriend the resistance and fight against a tyrannical dictator in a bid to escape the darkness and return home.

Disciples of Dregstone contains a number of stygian chapters that link together to form a subterranean adventure. The events of Disciples of Dregstone and the world in which it is set can be played on their own or can be slotted into the wider world of SHIVER Gothic.

SHIVER Gothic: Disciples of Dregstone features:

160 pages of Gothic SHIVER content in full colour with stunning illustrations.

A monstrous Gothic sandbox setting, the Dregs. A limitless arena of dark tunnels and mutated underground beasts for you to explore to your hearts content.

A huge 7 chapter story set in the Dregs which will see you explore an unending dungeon, escape the clutches of mad science and horror, and fight with revolutionaries against a despotic monarch.

New rules for Colossal Enemies and Critical Weaknesses, perfect for expanding your repertoire of boss monsters.

Rules and Backgrounds for playing as a Scorian character, the mutated rat-folk who call Dregstone home.

A swathe of Items, Weapons, Armour and Monster profiles for you to use in your SHIVER stories as you see fit.

SHIVER is a tabletop roleplaying game that you bring your favourite scary movies, spooky tv shows, and horror stories to life. Ever wanted to play through the plot of your favourite film on the tabletop? Or wanted to make sequels, prequels and original stories in the worlds of pop culture you love? SHIVER lets you play that!

SHIVER is setting neutral so you can play any story, anytime, and as anyone. Want to play a game of teens in survival mode against a zombie horde? Kids on Bikes who dread exploring a haunted house on Halloween night? Or perhaps a medieval monster hunter looking for a werewolf, vampire or mage? SHIVER can help you deliver stories and characters for anything from cult pulp classics to Cthulhu fuelled eldritch mysteries.

SHIVER is easy to learn, fast to play and immerses you in chaotic and dark magic filled stories. SHIVER’s symbolic dice keep you immersed in the story as well as cutting out pesky arithmetic for visual aids. Character creation is quick and easy with a simple skill point and ability system that get you into the story and game fast.

SHIVER is perfect for creating your one shots or short stories between main campaigns. You can also create epic long stories by tying your one-shot stories together using rules for sequels.

SHIVER is inspired by many great bits of pop culture which we really wanted to play on the table including:

Stranger Things, Dracula, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Evil Dead, Friday 13th, Hellboy, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Gothic stories, Hellraiser, Indiana Jones, IT, Stephen King and his works, Fallout, HP Lovecraft, The Thing, and many more…