Renegade Game Studios – G.I. JOE – Mission Critical – Heavy Firepower Expansion

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Destro and Scrap Iron have arrived to help Cobra bring the world to its knees! Thankfully, Roadblock, Bombstrike, and Gung Ho have arrived to reinforce the G.I. JOE team against this explosive threat. This expansion introduces three new characters to play and new enemies to take down!

Requires G.I. JOE Mission Critical to play.


48 Standard (63 x 88 mm)
30 Combat Cards
2 Deployment cards
16 Enemy Cards
6 Tarot Cards (70 x 120 mm)
3 Character Cards
3 Vehicle Cards
3 Heroes
Roadblock, Bombstrike, Gung-Ho
2 Villains
Destro (Boss), Scrap-Iron (Lieutenant)

At a Glance:
Ages 14+
2–5 Players
45-60 Minutes