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Team Yankee – American – M551 Sheridan Tank Platoon (TUBX17)


Contains five plastic T-62M Tanks and, one Plastic Tank Commander Sprue, one Decal Sheet and four Unit Cards.

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Includes five resin and metal M551 Sheridan Tanks and two unit cards

The M551 Sheridan Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle, or ARAAV, is fitted with the M81 dual-purpose gun/missile launcher. It can fire conventional HEAT antitank ammunition for shorter range targets, or the MGM51 Shillelagh (pronounced shil-laylee) anti-tank guided missile, which was more effective at longer ranges.

In 1978 most Sheridans were phased out of service. However, the 82nd Airborne Division decided to keep the air transportable Sheridan airborne assault vehicle. These were upgraded with improved suspension.

During air assault missions the Sheridan could be parachuted, or delivered in a Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES) drop from the back of a heavy transport aircraft.

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted.