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Team Yankee – West German – Roland Flak Batterie (TGBX08)

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Contains five plastic T-62M Tanks and, one Plastic Tank Commander Sprue, one Decal Sheet and four Unit Cards.

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Includes two FlaRakPanzer Roland anti-aircraft missile vehicles & Unit Card.

The Roland 2 Flugabwehrraketenpanzer (abbreviated to FlaRakPanzer, or Anti-aircraft Rocket Tank) is a sophisticated mobile short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system.

The Roland anti-aircraft missile was a joint development between the French and Germans.

The Roland 2 is the all-weather German variant mounted on the hull of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle. The paired missile launchers can automatically reload in less than 30 seconds from four-round rotary magazines mounted in the hull sides.

The Roland 2 is designed to engage aircraft flying at speeds up to Mach 1.3 at altitudes up to 5,500 meters (18,000 feet). It has a maximum range of 6,300 meters (20,500 feet).

Miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted.