Team Yankee – World War III Miniatures Game – Netherlands Dice Set (TDU900)


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This set includes 20 Dutch themed gaming dice.

“Smit decided to send forward a dismounted scouting party to reconnoitre the area. They soon returned to report several burning M113 C&V wrecks a few hundred metres beyond the village, confirming to Smit that the enemy was definitely to the immediate east. He sent a couple of the men back with a radio to keep an eye on the situation, then gathered his platoon commanders. He spread a map of the area out on the ground behind his tank.

“This wood to the east must be where the Soviets have a force, likely a forward detachment that has by-passed our covering forces. We’ll deploy the infantry in the village,” Smit looked at his Pansterinfanterie Peloton commander, van Hoorn, “I want to be notified of anything approaching that village.”

Note: The Lion on each die represents the 6.