Warlord Games – Bolt Action – Farmyard Animals

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No matter which period of history, or fantasy worlds, your games are set, these highly detailed plastic animals are ideal to add flavour to your battlefield.

Herds of sheep, cattle and pigs can provide added depth to your dioramas.

These animals also great as scenario objectives as you stave off enemy attempts to rustle your vital livestock, whilst German Shepherds are ideal guard dogs!

This set contains two plastic frames featuring the following 1/56 scale (28mm) animals:

4 Cows
2 Donkeys
4 Sheeps
2 Pigs and 4 piglets
8 Chickens
4 Cats
2 Dogs
4 Ducks
4 Geese
2 Goats
Miniatures Supplied Unassembled and Unpainted