Crooked Dice – 7TV – Cinematic Skirmish Games – Feature Pack – Lurkers From The Deep


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In this Feature Pack, players can pit their wits in a linked narrative campaign in some of your favourite cinematic settings. In this pack, war movies clash with cosmic horror!

Players control a cast of heroic G-Men, GIs and Occult Agents or field the villainous Cult of Kutulu as they battle for control of decaying New England town of Marshport. Play through five chapters fighting to save, or conquer, the world!

Packaged in a retro VHS case the Feature Pack contains a five chapter serial adventure with bespoke profiles, props and maguffins – including:

An 88 page episode guide that details the game and goes behind the scenes to explore the making of a 1930s Cthulhu Cliffhanger serial that never was.
26 Profile cards – fully revised to be 7TV Core Rulebook compatible with new photography
15 Accessory Cards – including seven new script cards, six newly illustrated prop and two maguffin cards
one Ritual Tracker card
one MDF sheet of colour accessory tokens – three unique accessory tokens used in this campaign, the Ouija Planchette and Incubator ON/OFF tokens