Games Workshop – Horus Heresy – Siege Of Terra – Mortis – John French


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The victories of Saturnine and the sacrifices at the Eternity Wall spaceport echo past hopes.

Frustrated but not defeated, the traitors intensify their assault on the Imperial Palace.

With the main spaceports in the hands of Horus, the Warmaster can bring in his reserves.

As the pressure increases, the power of Chaos grows.

The days of the defenders are nothing but despair, and their nocturnal dreams transport them to an illusory paradise.

As the defenses crumble and the fighters lose courage, Horus orders the titans of Legio Mortis to tear down the ramparts. Facing them, the solidity of the Mercury Wall and the valor of the Legio Ignatum.

Long-time rivals, the divine machines of the two Legios clash while, sheltered by the walls, a handful of individuals desperately seek a way to repel the malignant influence of the warp.

Almost everywhere on Terra, warriors and lost travelers travel through desolations and gardens of horror to return to their homes in view of an uncertain future.